Panoramic Picture
I took this picture in Cocoa Beach, FL today. I love my scenery right outside my balcony, and thought it would be appropriate for this assignment.

Panoramic Picture

I took this picture in Cocoa Beach, FL today. I love my scenery right outside my balcony, and thought it would be appropriate for this assignment.

I went a little above and beyond when choosing my pictures I wanted to turn in. There were so many amazing shots of this cathedral, it was hard to choose! I had a lot of fun converting these to black & white using Photoshop, I found the contrast to be very helpful as well as messing around with the color levels to make it the tints of black and white that I achieved. The first pic was of the front/side of the entire building,  but as you can see I couldn’t get the entire building in one shot. Picture 2 is of the other side of the building, so viewers could get a complete idea of what they were looking at. The rest of the remaining pictures are of things that I found gave the building character. Doors, windows, balconies, the very top tower is beautifully crafted, and represents old Italian architecture to me. A few of my pictures I shot looking directly up at the building, so viewers could get the sky in the background and understand the massiveness of this building. Overall, I was very happy with my final results, the only thing I found problems with was the resizing, but as soon as I got through that I felt much more comfortable with the entire project. Fun assignment!

Picture 1- I took this picture of a rose that I thought was amazing. It gave two complimentary colors, red and green.

Picture 2- This picture represents the colors I was aiming for in my third picture. The colors were purple, blue, and green.

Picture 3- This picture was supposed to turn out to show the man’s purple shirt, the woman’s blue shirt, and the green grass they were sitting in while reading something. The purple in his shirt didn’t turn out very well though.


Drawing 1- Complimentary colors, light green and pink-purple

Drawing 2- Analogous colors, blue, purple, red

Drawing 3- Tetrad colors, green, yellow, purple, and pink

Picture 1 turned into an angel depiction, using metallic wings, feather earrings, 3 rings, and platinum swirly earrings.  I also used a hair clip of my daughter’s to create the bead look in the body.

Picture 2 I used a leaf, a bow clip, a necklace chain, and a toy lock to create the look of a fish swimming towards a hook.

Picture 3 I took a charm from the movie Harry Potter.  It was a life-size version of Hermione’s time turner necklace. I placed it on my scanner, then moved it along while it was scanning to create an illusion depicting time travel.

All three images were edited in photoshop and inverted.  I also adjusted the color levels to make certain parts more dynamic.

In pic #1, I am sitting halfway in a basket of laundry, while talking on the phone, and being a mom to my adorable but crazy toddler. My microphone is hanging from my door b/c I love to sing, and I really do keep it there so I don’t lose it, it being my favorite one. I have two pictures on the wall, one of my husband and I dancing at our wedding, and the other of my three children and my husband. This represents my love of pictures, and also shows that family is the most important part of me.  My Victoria Secret bag in the back behind me doesn’t just represent my love of their clothing line, but it doubles as my school bag, along with the laptop that I am on the Ivy Tech website.  :)  All of these things are a little bit of what makes Danielle.

Pic #2 is simple.  My passion outside of my family is photography, and it has been my whole life.  So I thought a picture of me taking a picture was the best way to set me apart.  It might seem repetitive compared to what others might do, but I also changed some of the layers and contrast to add my own touch of personality.  I was very pleased with the outcome of this picture, because I didn’t want it to be just another picture. I wanted it to say this girl loves her camera. I thought I captured a good sense of that.  :)

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